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26 Jun 2010
13°C / 56°F

ok so maybe its a little pre-emptive to say that just yet, as i haven’t harvested anything but radishes, greens and herbs for a while now. but with the first of the tomatoes setting on a few plants now, one squash that i will probably harvest tomorrow, and my second round of cucumbers are now starting to need pollination, can you blame me for getting excited?

plus a fifth set of silks appeared on my corn this evening, more and more tiny skinny beans are poking their way out everyday, and the first few sugar snap pea sprouts are emerging.

did i mention the squash? pollinated 8 so far, all of which seem to have taken, and there are at least 3 or 4 or more little baby squash whose blossoms are still tight and green… man when those people at botanical interests said “early prolific summer squash,” they sure weren’t making things up!

maybe i’ll harvest that one big squash now…. i’m getting hungry!




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