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Nominated for Brent in Bloom competition

22 Jun 2010
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I had a knock on the door from a neighbour tonight who wanted to put my name forward for the Brent in Bloom competition for the flower bed & window boxes in our front garden.

I am sooo touched that anyone has even noticed my few flowers, let alone thought it worthwhile for entry into the competition! I don’t actually care if I win anything, I’m just really happy that my planting has obviously made at least one person smile!




Upload some photos so we can see!

Posted on 22 Jun 10 (almost 6 years ago)

Yeah! How nice of your neighbour to let you know. I’d like to see some photos too!

Posted on 22 Jun 10 (almost 6 years ago)

Ok I’ll take some pictures tomorrow – it’s just some flowers and peas, but better than the weeds that were there before I guess! :O)

Posted on 22 Jun 10 (almost 6 years ago)

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