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Some time in the garden

19 Jun 2010
Sunny 30°C / 86°F

The lupins had slowly become a smouldering red with fuzzy pods poking through so today they got chopped before the leaves became too mouldy – quite a gap but room to breathe for the rose Graham Thomas. London Pride, Spanish and English bluebells and Aquilegias over. For the most part the older Thrifts have not done particularly well this year.

Linda says her Oriental Lilies are dying out, so that confirms the problem with mine. I guess like tulips they have to be renewed every so often so that goes on the order list for the Fall. She also mentioned that her UBC Mandarin Orange Honeysuckle was so huge that it was pulling down its supporting arch, mine is just surviving so what’s going on. I wonder whether its root system has reached sand and pebbles which would be about 3 ft down, none of the other honeysuckles seem to be struggling with that problem.

Nice to have some time to sit in the garden once the sun moved off it. The German Irises have a sweet vanilla smell, the Golden Mock Orange smells delicious, only a few peony flowers left so they no longer scent the whole garden. I wish I could squeeze another peony in. Sitting by the big rock gave me a chance to think about empty spots in the garden and whether they will remain empty for long! That is whether the plants currently there will expand to fill the space or whether it will require a new plant.




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