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Invasion of the Ants Cukes, squash & zucchini - Strange, Clear Eggs on Orka

21 Jun 2010
27°C / 80°F

I’ve had some ants for a while now but all (most) of the plants look totally fine and healthy. I follow them little buggers around and they seem to chomp on the leaf every now and then. I dont know if he found a meal, or just taking a plant bite. I dont see any noticeable marks on the plants.

They also are all up into the flowers, so hopefully they will pollinate my female flowers for me. They dont seem to be on the tomato plants, but on the zucchini, squash, cucumber and 3-4 on the pepper plant.

I was sexin my cukes and the ants looked a little jealous. They need to prove they are worthy first before I leave it 100% up to them. The ants will save my life by not having me climbing all over the greenhouse, pollinating flowers…lol

Ok, Im having a pain in the ass problem. Well, Im hoping not a problem if it is what I think it is. They are ONLY on the starter Okra plants on the under side of the leaves. They are small, round, clear. Im hoping they arent spider mites, but the eggs seem a little bigger than a spider mite size, but I could be wrong.

Spider mights are around and about, Ive seem them before, but no damage to the garden. I havent PLENTY of wasp and bees flying all over the place. Hopefully they are pollinating too, but I have yet to see it.

Yesterday I washed the plant leaves off and dipped them in a bucket. I got all the eggs off and sprayed the leaves with “Garden Safe – Insect Soap”. I come home tonight and look under the leaves and they are there again. I need to setup a webcam on them plants to see what in the hell is doing this.

Any options on the eggs, please let me know.

(No ants in photos… just pics of the plants… My camera doesnt focus enough for the ants)




Did you ever find out what the little clear eggs were? I’m having the same problem :-(

Posted on 30 Apr 11 (about 7 years ago)

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