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18 Jun 2010
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10:20pm A day or so of not having time to get into the garden and a whole lot more plants are in bloom and some are finished.

Finished: just one or two Siberians left; Clematis not Niobe; the lovely Peony is almost over but still smelling delicious; Arctic Phlox

Most of the roses have quite a lot of leaf damage although minimal infestations of white fly. Both Alchemyst and Sunrise look under par, Alchemyst has few buds so far, definately not the usual masses of flowers which makes me really sad. I noticed the leading bud on Westerland drooping yesterday during my short stroll around the garden, it was thick with greenfly just in that one spot. I wiped them off. Today it is standing up again, superficially none the worse for wear but there is a black streak down one side where the greenfly were. An old Fine Gardening suggested that roses should not be sprayed etc but just left to tought it out, which is basically what happens to mine. However I am not sure whoever wrote the article was taking into consideration the sort of winters we get here.

Although we have been getting the odd shower, looking at the plants today I decided to water with the hose – all the planters and Path needed watering in any case. The Clematis Rouge Cardinal has a few dead/dying sprigs which I think is probably due to a combination of getting rather dry and the very strong winds bashing the rather delicate stems about. The clematis nearest the west side of Porch, Niobe I think, has had its tip broken by the wind, the other clematis, Emilia Plater, has grown to the top of its frame and has a long leader waving about in the breeze. Clematis Golden Tiara which doesn’t usually flower until the end of summer, has a few buds.

I also needed to dead-head, weed and generally work around the garden – some of the drip hose needs covering and some stone work needs doing.

Photos: Creeping Veronica; another Tiger Iris; Alpine Holly getting a tinge of blue; Sash’a Pride; and one of the self-sown Foxgloves, this one is pale pink, I think there will be a deep pink like a wild one, and there are some almost white ones which were a more creamy colour last year with freckles like drops of olive oil, this year to the naked eye they look as though they have no freckles at all, but very pale green ones show up on the photographs.






Folia Helper


That iris really is gorgeous.

Posted on 20 Jun 10 (about 9 years ago)

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