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05 Jun 2010
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We spent the weekend getting the garden in…we’re so late this year!

I’m still not entirely done, but close enough that I can see the light and today is supposed to be a stellar garden day. Yesterday, was awesome! Lately my gardening efforts have been stressfully squeezed in between other tasks … gotta get those seeds planted, have to hit that with fish emulsion, etc. But yesterday was all about the garden, simply because I wanted to and it felt great. Everyone spend the day outside, helping and playing and eating.

The best part of the day … as the kids sat on the bags of mulch behind the pea trellis eating popsicles. I looked over and saw them, each with a popsicle in one hand, picking peas together … one holding the stem of the plant while the other plucked off a pea. They would break it in half, like two people snapping a wishbone and each eat their half … all the while the popsicles melting into a puddle on the ground below. Gardens are Awesome.

  • DH built the second trellis for the west side of the garden and extended the old one in the middle. The middle one really needs to be replaced, but he ‘MacGyvered’ it to last one more season. I’m happy with the quick fix because any other option would have meant waiting another week to plant the pole beans and I’m far too impatient for that!
  • I found good homes for about half of the tomatoes, either staked in the potager or Florida Woven behind the herb garden. There are still other spots in the flower garden and pots to be filled, so I think I may actually fit them all in!!!
  • Beans are all planted. Yellow, green and purple bush varieties as well as green & purple pole beans … not sure what happened to the yellow pole beans I was going to order?
  • cucumbers/squash are planted.
… to be continued …

1. Long shot of the half finished garden
2. Marbles pepper – these will turn shades of cream, white, yellow, purple, orange, and red making the plants look like a bag of marbles burst out on top.
3. Blurry picture that I will try to replace today, but I wanted to documented the cream colour. I think this is the first pepper to start to ripen.
4. Matlese Tomato flowers (before stupice!)
5. Peas, flowering & harvesting.






Folia Helper


Looks fabulous! I love this garden in yours, it’s gorgeous :).

Posted on 07 Jun 10 (almost 6 years ago)

Your garden is looking great! I’ve wondered about those spiral supports. How do you like them?

Posted on 07 Jun 10 (almost 6 years ago)


Folia Helper


That’s it Maltese, remember – fruiting is the next step :)
Incidentally, the flower looks large, or at least the petals do. Maybe just the camera depth?

Posted on 08 Jun 10 (almost 6 years ago)

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