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all kinds of good stuff going on

01 Jun 2010
Cloudy 13°C / 55°F

although my okra are fading and my second round of beans may be a little on the small side, there’s lots of good stuff happening in my garden to start june off right!

the corn, squash, first round of beans, tomatoes, herbs, and cucumbers are all looking great. some of the squash and cukes could be doing better, but for the most part they’re looking lush and green and growing bigger and bigger. i can see the little buds where there will be blossoms soon!

the burgundy beans in the eastern planter are HUGE! i’m starting to worry they will overshadow the tomatoes. the okra and cucumbers don’t even stand a chance! the kale isn’t helping much but it look like baby kale next to the beans. i’m hoping to see some little purple flowers very soon!

most of the tomato plants are doing well. those planted in the eastern planter are doing the best. they’ve got nice compound leaves just stretching out. i’ve started constructing support for them from bamboo sticks and string. just have one for a container so far. not sure about those in the planter as there are so many other plants around.

i also transplanted some basil plants into the containers with some of the tomatoes, not only because they are great companion plants but also because some of the basil was getting really crowded. will probably tranplant some more of it even still!

i had a scare over the weekend with some of my radishes but i think they were just a little thirsty and hot. once i got them a good amount of water, they were as good as new. plenty of true leaves showing in all three planters!




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