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Tomatoes Transplanted - Part One

25 May 2010
Cloudy 19°C / 66°F

Well today was the day to finally transplant the tomatoes. The past few weeks it’s been MORE then warm enough during the day, but at night we’ve been getting a few frosts here and there.

It is almost June right?

Ridiculous, I hate living in the mountains.

I got most of them planted out, but alas, I’ve been fighting some viral thing, and got a little tired and had to call it quits before they were all actually in their new homes. Tomorrow the rest of them will go in, along with the squash and the peppers.

It’s become painfully clear that I don’t have anywhere near enough containers for the rest of tomatoes or the peppers, or stakes for the tomatoes for that matter.

All the tomatoes that did get planted got a little collar made out of the top of the plastic beer cups that they get potted up into in between the seedling and proper transplant phase. I’ve never actually had a problem with cutworms, but I’m always scared I will so they always get the plastic collar treatment.

I’m too tired to take a photo of any of the transplanted tomatoes, so instead you get a picture, taken a few days ago from my front porch. It’s moments after a storm passed that you can still see working its way down the valley.




Pretty sunrise! What a lot of work you have cut out for you — hope you feel better soon.

Posted on 26 May 10 (almost 9 years ago)

The mountains may give you wonky weather, but what a view!
Looks like you got a lot done – hope you feel better and are able to complete your transplanting tomorrow.

Posted on 26 May 10 (almost 9 years ago)

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, hope you get better soon. Beautiful view and great photo!

Posted on 26 May 10 (almost 9 years ago)

Great photo! Hope you get to feeling better. The one Urbikany seedling finally put on one true leaf and is 2 inches tall, while all the other heirlooms are in the ground and 4 feet tall. It’s kind of become a greenhouse pet. Whippersnapper is growing normally.

Posted on 26 May 10 (almost 9 years ago)

I’m not surprised that you have run out of room, pots and stakes with all those tomatoes! What will you do with all the fruit? As to mountain weather, at least you didn’t get hailstones as they did in Rossland! I hope that you get well soon, there is some bug going around up here too.

Posted on 26 May 10 (almost 9 years ago)


Folia Helper


Thanks all! I’m sure I’ll be right as rain soon, you know when those “things” just go around and everybody seems to catch them :).

Ves – that was actually taken at about 6pm at night believe it or not! It’s looking south down the valley :).

Sage – that’s excellent to hear that they’re doing well, even if Urbikany is a little stunted. Seems to be going around this year, I have a few stunted ones as well, but I’m sure now that they’re in their permanent homes they’ll shoot right up.

Sandra – Oh we got hail! Pea sized hail, about three bouts of it on Saturday (or Sunday? Can’t remember which now). You should have seen me rushing outside to cover up the plants and tiny seedlings that were out there! I was sopping wet when I got back in. Fortunately, I’m happy to report no casualties ;).

Posted on 27 May 10 (almost 9 years ago)

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