Seed Swaps

Kohlrabi 'Purple Vienna' Seeds Sown

24 May 2010
Sunny 26°C / 78°F

5-24-10 Planted purple vienna seeds 3" apart in a 4 foot row with early white vienna next to a row of onions and at the empty end of the 2nd broccoli bed. Not sure how well these will do. The weather has been oddly hot & humid for this time of the year for the past couple weeks. I am afraid I may have missed my opportunity to plant kohlrabi for this year (unless I go buy a couple plants, which I may do). Terry and I tried to grow seedlings indoors to transplant and that did not go well – the seeds germinated, but the plants got to tall and gangly. So hopefully, the seeds will germinate in the warm soil and grow fast before the real heat of summer sets in.




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