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Planting out spinach sprouts

17 May 2010
Overcast 16°C / 60°F

These actually sprouted a day or two ago, but I didn’t check them until this morning and found that they were quite a lot farther along than I’d expected; if I had known they would pop out so fast I’d have moved them outside Saturday or Sunday!

I’d been hoping that these would be just starting to sprout when I transplanted them so that I wouldn’t have to dig down too far for the roots. Unfortunately they all had roots 1"-2" long, making it fairly hard to plant out since the spinach is spaced only 1" apart. Pretty sure I broke at least a third of all the tiny little roots, so I don’t have super high expectations about how many will surface. However I do expect that these will surface in a few days.

4 of the 32 seeds didn’t germinate so I planted 4 fresh seeds in the final row; a little delay in sprouts never hurt nobody :)




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Everett, WA

United States

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