Seed Swaps

The garden is starting to take form. Hours spent in it are increasing rapidly..

14 May 2010
Sunny 12°C / 54°F

I could quite easily wile away most waking hours in the garden. Finding some job to do, pottering about or simply looking at everything with wonder, pride and a huge amount of satisfaction.

Pic 1 is the view towards the study in the flat. Lots of container stuff going on here including several trays of various leaves for salad, the raspberry canes, fig tree, oriental poppies, evening primrose, blueberry bush.

Pic 3 is a close up of some of those salads – pea shoots, watercress, beets, pak choi, red salad bowl and mizuna which I just sowed today.

Pic 2 are the herbs I have so far, mostly perennial. The rosemary is in flower. Some of the Pea Meteors (which are in fact starting to bud – how exciting! This is my first time growing peas. Seen in pic 5), the runner bean Desiree’s and another wooden barrel of raspberry canes.

Pic 4 is a nice container I salvaged from a local grocery store / corner shop which were throwing it out. Lined with an old compost bag, it’s a great size and depth for robust salad – I’ve sowed more pea shoots and spinach in it.




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