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Weekly Update - Harvesting and being a Plant Yenta!

10 May 2010
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so i’ve decided to ATTEMPT to post in my journal here weekly just so i can have a record of what happened, what worked, what didn’t.

So in left SFG:

The Purple Cherokee Tomatoes have tons of blooms on them and i’ve been using my electric toothbrush to vibrate the flowers as of last week or so. i have noticed 2 tomatoes on them so far and i have a feeling more are to come. The information i received indicated that you should do this once every 2-3 days for the largest yields.

i harvested some of the *Kale": today – looking forward to using it in Green Smoothies this week. i left the baby leaves so i can continue to harvest as long as it doesn’t turn bitter.

*Radishes": are looking well and i hope they will be harvest ready in the next couple of weeks.

The *cucumbers": are covered in flowers both male and female but nary a cuke on the bush yet. Today i took matters into my own hands and began hand pollinating the little guys. Yes…i’m a plant yenta!! We’ll see what comes of my meddling in the next few weeks.

In right SFG Bed -

The *zucchini’s ":have flowers on them, but they are all male. i’m hoping for some females soon and will do some research today to find out if there is a way to encourage it.

The *squash": has female flowers and no male flowers… after having males and no females for a while. i REALLY wish they would get in sync. They need each other, who knew plants could be sexist? LOL

The *basils ":(globe, amethyst and another i can’t recall) are doing passable but not exceptional. Not sure why – it’s early yet so today i gave them a side dressing with the organic garden food i bought. i’m hoping this will help them!

No germination of the *Swiss Chard": yet but it hasn’t been 7 days so i’m not worried.

My *yarrow": has flowered which i’m quite excited about! and it looks like the hyssop and the *winter savor":y have settled into that bed nicely after a somewhat sketchy start.

The Herbs Gardens:

The Window box herb garden needed pinching back so i pinched and dried *sweet marjoram": and *oregano": today.

The *mints ": (Chocolate, Mint Julep, Yorba Buena, Ginger, Peppermint, Spearmint, Pineapple and others) are all doing wonderfully and i’m considering making yummy mint tea’s with fruit juices added as a cool refreshment this week.

The *Lemon verbena": is recovering from it’s run in with caterpillars last week and seems to be making a come back. i fret over it so because it’s not the easiest herb to get in this neck of the woods. i’ve been considering buying a few more plants Just in Case. Besides i have recipes that call for it!

The *baby tomato plants": that i started from seed are doing very well! i want to give them another week in the small post before transplanting them to the larger containers.

*Potatoes": in bags look to be okay. The White potatoes will need another layer of compost this week. i may have lost one of the sweet potato slips but the other two or three look to be doing well in the grocery bag.

Peaches are surviving nicely in the pieces of knee high’s i covered them in. i see they are getting bigger and am looking forward to having our first peaches from our own tree this year!!

The apples are now in fruit and i’m waiting a bit before we start covering them as well.

All and all i’m content with where the garden is. i haven’t gotten any compost out of our bin yet, but i’ll try to do that late this week or next week.

Green Blessings!!




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