Seed Swaps

Wow look at her grow!

04 May 2010
22°C / 72°F

We came back from our trip this past weekend and i’m astounded at how the garden is doing. Everything seems to have gotten bigger and more lush almost overnight.

One areas of concern for me is that while i’m seeing blooms and lovely foliage, i’m not seeing any tomatoes on the Purple Cherokee plants yet. I’ll give them another week and then may have to take things into my own hands w/ a vibrating toothbrush.

The Kale is doing very well, I think it’s time to start harvesting some leaves for our morning Green smoothies.

Radishes appear to be doing well as well. I am noticing that we have very few carrot tops popped up. I’m not sure if maybe they just don’t like that placement in the SFG or what. I’m keeping in mind that this is all a learning process, so enjoy the journey!



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