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Week 2 crops sown

24 Apr 2010
Overcast 10°C / 50°F

image 1
It was easier to get these spaced properly at 1" apart. I am a little concerned that the soil I picked has too many large pieces of matter (pieces of wood, mostly), especially after the gutter flood spewed most of the dirt in the section I planted in all over the deck railings. I did have to replace a fair amount of the soil in this section before placing the seeds, but having moved the planter I hope the gutters don’t take out any more of my spinach!

Spaced 1" apart, same as last week. Though I mis-marked them and ended up with 16 of the purples instead of 12; when the sprout if they’re super close together I’ll probably thin a few. The whites were fine though, got the 12 spaced nicely. Set 2 of 6.

image 2
For week 2’s carrot rotation I’ve planted some more of the Little Finger baby carrots, as well as my Purple Dragon carrots. Which I’m super excited for! They are purple with yellow cores, which apparently is more common in other parts of the world; I told my folks about them and they didn’t think they were as cool as I did, since apparently they had similar carrots in the Middle East. Either way, I am excited for them.




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