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First lettuce harvest

21 Apr 2010
Cloudy 23°C / 74°F

The buttercrunch lettuce has been doing well, I was leaving it alone thinking it should start forming lose heads. I finally couldn’t stand is anymore and started cutting off some of the outer leaves.




I think that is probably good to do in order to encourage more growth? but remember, im a newbie too…heh heh!!! take advice seriously if it comes from cmagnus and flowerweaver though…man, those two gals have taught me so much i feel like i should send them a check in the mail!

Posted on 24 Apr 10 (about 6 years ago)

I know it’s good for the looseleaf lettuces but I had left this bibb type lettuce alone for quite a while thinking it would form a lose head. SInce I’m doing square foot gardening I will need the space in a few weeks for something else and I didn’t want to harvest 8 whole plants at one time so I finally started chopping away on the outer leaves.

Posted on 25 Apr 10 (about 6 years ago)

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