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A Day for Salad & Much Germination

23 Apr 2010
Sunny 19°C / 66°F

Made a lot of salad related sowings today including two types of mixed lettuce, lambs lettuce, watercress, pak choi, spinach beets, rocket and radishes straight in the ground. I also sowed some beetroot in modules even though I said I wouldn’t bother with root veg this year because of the severe lack of success I had with them last year. However, now that I have actual soil in the garden to plant them in rather than pots, think I may have more success, and they’ll be good to plug some gaps between my plants.

Also sowed a Pea Half Pint which I’ll start off indoors as the one that germinated outside doesn’t look too healthy.

I planted out the 6 giant sunflowers into their final positions and I spotted the first flower buds on some of the strawberry plants (pic 1).

Raspberry’s are budding (pic 2) and I potted up the 3 sweet peppers that were in the same pot into individual pots (pic 3).

French Bean Speedy (pic 4), Dwarf Runner Bean Hestia and Dwarf Bean Concador are also sprouting, as well as the Scallop Squash and the Brussel Sprouts!

You can also see how the propagator garden is taking over our study! (pic 5)




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