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First ever plants outside of a pot & thinking about Christmas dinner..

17 Apr 2010
Sunny 18°C / 64°F

I noticed my pea seedlings getting a bit pot bound sitting in the greenhouse so thought it was about time to get them in the garden soil. This is the first time I’ve had a garden so this is quite a new thing for me – everything I grew last year was in a pot on a small balcony.

I weeded the bit of border these peas were intended for, turned the soil and worked in some compost – hope that’s right! The before (pic 2) and after (pic 1). The Pea Meteors (pic 4) and the Dorian Peas (pic 5). I also sowed more broad beans straight into the soil in this bit of border – I’m keen to have loads of broad beans as I can think of so much to do with them! These will be in addition to the few I sowed in pots a while ago. Finally in this section, I sowed a few more Pea Dorian and Pea Meteor straight into the soil too.

The climbing sweet peas have been planted in their final position around the tree trunk (pic 3) and I’ve moved the pot of first year fruiting raspberries into its final place on the border to create a bit more room on the patio (pic 1).

Other plants that are due to live in this space are 3 borlotto bean plants and runner bean Desiree against the wall next to the raspberry pot. I’ll also put in some nasturtiums which I plan to buy as young plants to ward off black fly from the broad beans and maybe some salads if there are any gaps..

And finally, I got to thinking about Christmas dinner and decided to sow some Brussel sprouts seeds. Nothing wrong with a bit of forward planning when it comes to dinner..




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