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Great news and TONS of seeds came today

15 Apr 2010
Sunny 13°C / 55°F

First off the great news is that we heard back from the bank about the house! They counteroffered and we accepted tentatively via e-mail, so it looks 99 percent positvie that we will be heading to our first real home!!

I ordered a TON of seeds online. 25 varieties of vegetables and 25 varieties of flower, then since I put the wrong address on the vegetable seeds I ordered another set and ended up with both of them. Each 25 sets only cost $5 including shipping so the total cost is about 25 cents per packet or $15. I have been posting my seed stash most of which I will not use, and am researching which ones will go into my garden. I can’t wait to enjoy the flowers and yummy veggies!

I’m off to plan some more and start my day! Have a good one!



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