Seed Swaps

Potting up tomatoes, another courgette germinated, mushy (dried) peas sown..

10 Apr 2010
Sunny 117°C / 243°F

I potted up all the tomato seedlings today from the cell trays to small individual pots. Turns out I have a total of 36 tomato plants – goodness (pic 1). Also potted up the Serrano chillies.

All Green Bush courgette germinated (pic 2).

I was on the lookout for a plastic container with a large surface area and relatively shallow to grow pea shoots in. Seed trays are nearly right but a bit too shallow and would dry out quite quickly. I therefore cut the bottom out of one and duck taped it to the top of another. Then sowed those Bachelor dried peas in it (pic 3). I’ll be quite impressed if they germinate.

Dorian Peas and Pea Meteors showing true leaves (pic 4).

Riesenbutter radishes have sprouted in the second sowing but no sign of the Saxa ones yet (pic 5).




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