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True leaves, germinations, first strawberry flower bud and Bachelors dried peas?

09 Apr 2010
Sunny 16°C / 61°F

I was away on business from Friday morning arriving back home around lunch time on Saturday. While I was away the weather in London had been amazing for this time of year and I was greeted with lovely surprises on the plantlings front.

True leaves on the Roma Tomatoes (pic1), first sowing of radishes (pic 2), tumbling toms (red and yellow) and minibel tomato.

The resowing of two more Minibel seeds have already sprouted, very pleased with that (pic 3). Pea half pints and hanging basket sweet peas are also beginning to sprout, as are my second sowing of radishes.

Courgette Soleil up too (pic 4). First courgette out of the three to germinate.

I can also spot the first flower bud on a strawberry plant! (pic 5).

Watching The Edible Garden with Alys Fowler last week, I’ve had the idea of growing pea shoots from cheap dried peas you can get in the supermarket. She was sowing a brand used for cooking which she bought in 2007 and her germination rate was almost 100%. I bought 3 packets of Bachelors dried peas for 99p from the pound shop today – let’s see if they’ll bring forth some cheap, tasty and fresh pea shoots.




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