Seed Swaps

Still waiting on my parsley to growww!

10 Apr 2010
Sunny 13°C / 55°F

I have started several parsley seeds by soaking them overnight Monday, then I planted them in two “ghetto” gardens… AKA a milk jug and a plastic baggie with a paper towel holding the ones I couldn’t get into the soil. They are in a warm place… on top of my dryer. Hopefully they will germinate by the time I return from my weekend visit to see my family. (I’m not impatient or anything…) I will picture these when I get the chance.

The cost of this part was 1.25 for the seeds plus the cost of the potting soil. No cost for the pots, so for under 2.00 and a little bit of time I will have parsley to add to my potato rice soup which we had this week btw. Yummy! I have to confess I have not made it with fresh parsley yet, so it will be a treat!




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