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Evening Primrose / Oriental Poppies sown last Spring potted up & Radishes Sown

18 Mar 2010
Partly Sunny 13°C / 55°F

First journal entry of this year!

These did well over the harsh winter. I had sort of forgotten about them and wasn’t expecting too much – I had never sowed a perennial from seed before so wasn’t sure what to expect.

The evening primrose looked like bits of twig over winter but now they have deep crimson sprouts (pic 3) – can’t wait to see them flower.

Potted up 3 x Evening Primrose plants into a 40cm pot, and the Oriental Poppies in a couple of pots the day after I arrived back from a holiday in New York – one way to stave off jet lag! Very excited about these flowering (pic 1 and 2).

Also sowed 3 types of radish in a cardboard veg box which is living on a shelf in the greenhouse at the moment. One was French Breakfast from T&M, the other two were from Lidl and very cheap, so let’s see how they fare against their more expensive counter parts.

One particular strawberry plant in the hanging baskets has seriously come back to life with lots of new leaves (pic 5), some of the others are not far behind. However, there are a few that are showing no signs of life at all – hey ho!

Also potted up the blueberry plant into a bigger pot, new buds on that too (pic 4)




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