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04 Mar 2010
Sunny -1°C / 30°F

True leaves on the cilantro, second tray of parsnips seems to finally be sprouting. The leeks did not like the fish emulsion mist AT ALL, thought I’d lost them but they seem to have bounced back. Next time I’ll use a much more diluted mixture (used 1 1/2 teaspoons in 32 oz of water, which was the package instruction, but I’m going down to 1/2 t only). Dill is a bit leggy, despite being directly under the light.

Moved my 4" tall mustard seedlings down to the natural light in the dining room, which they seem to like, or at least they don’t seem to be dying which is the same thing when it comes to indoor plants and me.

A word about my lights and set up. I priced a multi-shelf unit with proper shop lights and bulbs and it was just out of reach financially, so I dug out all the old clamp lamps I’ve collected over the years. I approximate the light with cone fluorescents. Tried the 200 watt equivs, but they were way too warm (kept frying the babies) so now I have a combination of 150s and 120s, all clamped to one of those folding clothes drying racks. I can move the lights up and down by clamping them to different parts of the rack. A bit makeshift (story of my life), but the plants are growing SLOWLY if not exactly thriving. Of course, since I’ve never done this much indoor starting before I have no idea how fast they should be growing. If I manage to actually get anything into the ground I will consider that a success.




I would call this ingenuity—not makeshift! Think of yourself as an urban pioneer. It is only from the daily brainwashing of consumerism that we think we must go buy the latest gadget built specifically for a purpose. How much more wonderful that you can be airing your undies while encouraging your parsnips to grow!

Posted on 04 Mar 10 (over 9 years ago)

Yes – multipurpose gizmos! I’m going to try two or three table lamps with compact fluorescents with a single tomato/pepper tray elevated on a box, and gradually lowered as needed.

Posted on 04 Mar 10 (over 9 years ago)

I’ve been keeping my eye on the resale shops for cheap elbow lamps. The drying rack is disturbingly rickety. Also— boxes. Duh. (thnx)

Posted on 04 Mar 10 (over 9 years ago)

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