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New Year, New Plants

25 Feb 2010
Cloudy 14°C / 58°F

I haven’t updated here in FOREVER it feels like, but I have not stopped gardening. Developed a mild obsession for orchids and violets; started seeds for spring on January 4th (perhaps too early? LOL); bought a mini greenhouse for easy hardening-off; and have decided to plant more than I have space for. So what’s new?! haha

my Stella daylily has LOTS of new growth. The yarrow, agastache and red salvia have all survived the ‘harsh’ california winter with a few buds on the salvia coming in now. we dug up all of the bulbs and bulbettes from the gladiolus container in November and planted a few ‘babies’ in tiny containers – those guys are now over a foot tall and I’m thinking they may even try to flower this year! The ancho chili is still looking good and green and tall, we’ll see if he can make it until warm weather. And the roma – OH the roma – how it’s trying it’s best to continue to set and ripen fruit in the middle of winter. His leaves finally started to turn yellow in January; now, his leaves are all but gone, but he still has a nice dozen green and orange tomatoes on him. Poor guy. I would have tented him in October had I known he’d try to survive. Aren’t romas determinate and supposed to set and ripen fruit all at once??? This guy has defied all tomato-logic, I think.

there are lots of seeds started in the house and on the back porch in the new greenhouse, with more seeds getting started on March 2nd. We’ve got 3 new violets and a half dozen new orchids warming up inside as well. Outside, the only things in bloom are the pansies, primroses, crocuses, snapdragons and a couple tiny french marigolds (started from saved seed in October).




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