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eaten beans

28 Nov 2007

I’m away from my garden, taking a hit of something like kultcha and stuff in sydney, breathing deep the different air… but i do worry about the care of my garden in my absence (who me? control freak?…). It has been raining alot at home and the Bureau of Meteorology had plans for more, which i hope they go ahead with, since I am probably the only person in the household who has enough love of buckets, shitty duckwater and manual labour to do the nightly ritual of watering by bucket…

Anyway, I heard this morning that something (furry, rather than slimy i expect) has eaten all my beans I’m a little disheartened by this, but think i still have planting time up my sleeve so will get back onto it when i get home.




This is the privilege of the warm-climate gardener: the ability to start again and start again until much later in the season than those people who must countdown their frost-free days and worry. I’m sorry to hear about your beans, but I’m sure the new ones will pop right up!

Posted on 29 Nov 07 (over 8 years ago)

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