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Warming up, getting in the mood

02 Feb 2010
Cloudy 9°C / 49°F

This past winter, the weather has been absolutely freaky for Houston, cold and nasty, even snowy. Consequently, I have not felt the need to go outside, nor even thought about gardening.

But the weather is changing.

I can feel the Spring coming around the corner. I’m tired of buying bland fruits and veggies from the store. I want to taste something fresh picked from my own garden. I have dreams of gardens, lush with all the bounty of a zone 9 garden.

My plans so far:

  • Establish a large (4 mound) Three Sisters garden in the side yard, which currently has nothing but St. Augustine and weeds. This will require several Sunday newspapers, at least 2 cubic yards of good soil, and something to make paths in between the mounds. I plan on not only growing corn, beans, and squash, but also sunflowers, garlic, and onions along the outside (since onions and beans don’t do well next to each other). I have until March to get the bed ready.
  • Grow as many tomatoes as possible, wherever I have space that I didn’t grow them last year! I want tomatoes, I want bunches of them. I want to be able to make pasta sauce from fresh tomatoes this year, enough to stash in the freezer for the winter.
  • Have a constant stream of lettuce and carrots. I plan on starting a small box of lettuce indoors for baby lettuce, but I also need to plant 2 or 3 squares worth of lettuce and carrots outside every month. And that still won’t keep up with our demand! :)
  • Try melons again.
  • Make the little front yard bed that has been empty a pepper and basil plot. That should keep us in pesto all summer, and keep my green pepper loving son happy. :)
  • Get worm box started after the roommates move and get all of their stuff out of my garage. Yay, worm poo!



Sounds wonderful! What happened with the melons? I’m going to try them on a trellis this year as last year I planted mini cantaloupes and only got 3 fruit, two of which were gnawed on by critters, but that one was tasty and sweet.

Posted on 03 Feb 10 (over 6 years ago)

lots and lots of aphids happened. I got some nice vines, but no blooms and no fruit.

Posted on 03 Feb 10 (over 6 years ago)

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