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Day 25

25 Jan 2010
Sunny 4°C / 39°F

OMG. It’s like watching a garden in hyperspeed! Yesterday I had to raise the hood so my basil wouldn’t get burned, because it is getting so tall. So far the experiment is working in that my plants have remained unmolested. However, my chives never really got started. Ultimately, that’s okay since I don’t really cook with them as much.

On Friday I am scheduled to add nutrients and water and start pinching and pruning the basil so it bushes out a bit more.






Folia Helper


Nice garden! I have a couple aerogardens too and have grown basil many times. Basil is the best, but it grows much faster than the other herbs so you really need to keep it pruned. Chives are so-so in an aero. I can usually get them to grow well enough, but you get so little of them that they aren’t very useful unless you need only a very small amount. Since you’ve got an empty pod, you can just sprinkle any of your own herb seed in there … oregano, mint, sage & parlsey all work very well. Or if you let Aero know you had problems with the chives, they’ll replace them for you.

Posted on 26 Jan 10 (over 6 years ago)

My experience with any kind of onion seed is that it has to be fresh. I have trouble with chives too, and will buy fresh seed this year and try again, instead of using my leftovers from last year.

Posted on 26 Jan 10 (over 6 years ago)

Actually I did call and will be getting replacement chives in the mail. I am sooooo excited about this because so far my cat seems to be totally uninterested. Apparently she only noms fake plants! :)

Posted on 28 Jan 10 (over 6 years ago)

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