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24 Jan 2010
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I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to grow things, and for the past year, I’ve just basically given up. So now I am going to start over, the only things still growing are my rosemary, the hot peppers, and the grape vine. What I WANT to do (with Terrance’s help) is to get bottoms put on my raised beds for one thing to keep grass out, and for another because I plan to move in June 2011, and I want to take my stuff with me. I think that if I just build a NEW bed, that has a bottom, and put only the plants that continuously grow in THAT one, I should be able to uproot the one bed that I have now, and put a bottom on it, as well as the one that’s completely empty right now.

I want to make a chart, maybe a wheel, that will tell me when to pull things, when they should be finished growing. Right now, I need to go and get the things to make more Mel’s mix. So that’s where I’m off to! Hopefully next weekend, Terrance will come and help me with the new beds and the bottoms. I need to read up again and get an idea of what I want to plant for this summer. Wish me luck!



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