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Baby it's cold out there . .

06 Jan 2010
8°C / 47°F

So the temperature dropped below freezing a couple of nights ago, and I didn’t know until I checked the weather the next morning. I panicked, thinking of my new seedlings in the backyard. But, after giving them a quick check, I stopped panicking. No problems. But they are predicting an Arctic freeze later this week, with temperatures down in the 20s. I will definitely be covering up my seedlings those nights, and harvesting my oranges before it hits. Mmmmm, just picked satsumas for breakfast tomorrow. :)

Okay, some of you may be thinking this is kind of a weird post, seeing as it’s winter and most of you in the Northern Hemisphere have a nice layer of snow. Notice the zone 9? We don’t GET this kind of weather usually! :) A cold winter’s night down here is in the 40s or 50s.




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