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09 Sep 2009
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Just thought I’d add a photo, these little fellas are struggling along – one has basically died, with 2 or 3 close behind (pictured), 2 are actually growing well (pictured) and the others appear not to be changing yet. I’m hoping that a good growing season will help.






Folia Helper


We have a couple of these, they struggled along for 2 years but have now settled in and have taken off (part shade, rainfall only – 350mm last year?).
The heat from last summer, when we had several 43 deg C plus days in a row, set the newest one back badly. It was in full sun and basically half the plant was burnt back to bare twigs. It’s since had intermittent watering with grey water (approx 5 litres in a fortnight? – it was very ad-hoc watering) and it’s now recovering nicely. The plants are mulched with about 50mm of old mulch consisting of leaves and tree clippings.
That last one (in your photos) does looks pretty bad but you never know.
Good luck and fingers crossed.

Posted on 18 Sep 09 (almost 10 years ago)

Thanks for the tips. We are in afternoon shade in this valley, but its full sun otherwise. We saw them on Gardening Australia and thought they’d be nicer than the weeds that previously separated us from the bush. Will keep on the water this summer, and if it all ends badly, we’ll try a local indigenous.

Posted on 19 Sep 09 (almost 10 years ago)


Folia Helper


I’ve now added them to my plantings – Acacia Cognata so that you can see how they look here, and because I should have them in my folia collection anyway! These are named as ‘Green Mist’ but that probably means very little except the marketing department made some cash on the deal :)
The photos are a bit ordinary as they were taken later in the day, but it’s a start I guess

Posted on 19 Sep 09 (almost 10 years ago)

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