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Veggie Vines - A lot can happen in a couple of days

16 Aug 2009
Sunny 30°C / 86°F

Just two days ago I was lamenting the fact that my pumpkin and squash had all male flowers. The cucumber vine was the only thing that was really climbing the trellis and producing at all.

So, did they hear me whining! I went out to water this morning since we’ve actually had very little precipitation over the past week. Holy crap! The pumpkin is crawling all over the trellis and is almost to the top. AND it has a female bud! YaY! There are several female squash flowers and there are two fully formed squash growing, the largest at about 3 inches long. I think cmagnus was right – whining does work…

Oh, and today’s harvest –
1 green Pepper
1 Tomato ‘Big Boy’
1 Tomato ‘Italian Plum’ – first to ripen
2 Tomato ‘Blondkopfchen’ – first to ripen, pronounced “really good” by DH




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