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14 Aug 2009
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OOOOH I’ve been a busy harvester today!!! I had a bumper crop of figs from ,my Negronne variety and they are getting ripe so fast I need to put them up somehow.

In the process of making fig preserves today I decided to use some of the preserve “base” to make a glaze for lamb kebobs.

Heres my recipe

  • 3 cups figs, cut up
  • 1 cups sugar
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice
  • 1 box raspberry gelatain

Combine all ingredients in large saucepan and cook for 30 minutes, stirring constantly on low to medium heat.

Add finely chopped habanero, or jalepeno, or Thai chili fresh peppers to taste during the cooking process….take care not to use too much at once and taste often for heat level.

I added one garlic clove as well….minced.

Baste any meat, poultry or fish when almost fully cooked to give a wonderful glaze. Serve with lots of plain yogurt infused with fresh mint on the side to cool the heat.

The last photo is my Chow hound…“Megawatt”

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend



Awesome recipe, TY 4 posting it :)

Don’t have any fresh figs here, but Im eager 2 try this with a blend of fresh Dragonfruit and chopped dried figs.
And a ripe red Caribbean Habanero from my garden.
Your glaze will be a gr8 way to use this hot pepper!

Posted on 20 Jun 11 (almost 5 years ago)

OOOH what a wonderful combo TangoFlowers!!! Let me know how it turns out. I wish we could get good dragonfruit here. The addition of the Habbie sounds exquisite!!!!

Posted on 20 Jun 11 (almost 5 years ago)

hello graffiti, them figs look delish. how big is your tree. is it large enough to take cuttings from. if so, when they go dormant i would love to get cuttings from you. would be willing to buy from you and pay shipping cost. please let me know. thanks foryour time.


Posted on 05 Sep 12 (over 3 years ago)

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