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14 Aug 2009
Sunny 27°C / 81°F

Tomato ‘Big Boy’ – two more ripe fruit picked yesterday.
Tomato ‘Blondkopfchen’ are starting to ripen – I think they are supposed to be golden yellow when they are ready.
Tomato ‘Italian Plum’ – On the three plants there have to be over a hundred tomatoes – large numbers of tomatoes in lots of clusters. No sign of ripening yet, but it shouldn’t be too much longer.
There are three ears of corn that I can see growing, and I have hand pollinated all three. I keep watching for more to make sure they get pollinated. I can see the pollen on the leaves though, so I think we will be ok.
All of the vines – cucumbers, pumpkin, summer squash – are climbing the trellis very nicely. The cucumber actually seems to be enjoying it, and has made it well over the half way mark. There have been few female flowers on both the squash and pumpkin, though both have had LOTS of males. There were two females this morning on the squash, but I have seen absolutely none on the pumpkin so far. I’ve only had one squash so far, and it had to be tossed because of BRE.
Carrots are still VERY SMALL. I have pulled a couple with lots of leaves and the carrot was less than an inch long and only mms thick.
There are a few new strawberries waiting to ripen. If I get these few, there might be one or two rhubarb stalks that are large enough to pick.




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