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Recipe from a first harvest of July goodies

25 Jul 2009
18°C / 64°F

There is nothing that makes me happier than the earliest harvest from my garden from which I can create an impromptu dinner from. Steve hit the beer festival today and I was on my own, so VEGGIES it will be for dinner.

I had a perfectly ripened avocado sitting here so I wandered out into the garden and picked the first ripe cherry tomatos off the vine!! I adore these golden orange varieties with their high sugar/low acid content. YUMMMMMMY they are like eating candy off the vine!!

I thinly sliced a whole jalapeno and Thai chile from the garden , a garlic clove …also from my beds, a bit of basil julienned, a half of a lemon squeezed in, and all 12 cherry tomatoes I picked no more than 5 minutes before I took this first photo

The house now smells like a garlic and basil factory and I’m in culinary heaven!!! I pre mushed up the avocado with the lemon juice, added a pinch of seasalt, then gently folded in the quartered tomatos , peppers and basil

The final step. I grilled 2 white corn tortillas on a griddle covered in grated cheddar (goat cheese is yummy too) Then I topped the one tortilla with the guacamole, topped with the second tortilla, used a pizza cutter to cut…….then CHOW TIME was here!!!!!! I feel like Snoopy!! IT’S SUPPERTIME SUPPERTIME OH ITS SUPPERTIME!! LOL

Oh…and before I forget…my friend Bill Buell is a master at making the hottest habanero sauce on the planet and has hooked me up with a supply whenever I run out. I spread a thin layer of Bills NUCLEAR WASTE, on the tortillas before I sprinked on the cheese. My tummy is comfortable numb as I write as well as my mouth!!! THANKS BILL!! I love that stuff!!



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