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21 Jul 2009
Sunny 27°C / 80°F

The radish plant that I left in the ground because it had so many flowers and buds is still growing and blooming. Now it has developed a few fat little pods, that I think must be the seeds pods that I can collect for planting next year. Anybody, is this correct?

I harvested a nice head of Broccoli tonight for supper. This is only the second bit of Broccoli I have been able to pick. The plants just have not produced this year. I think too much rain. There is a chance that I may get some more, a couple of the plants look like they have tiny little heads forming.

I have lots of little Cukes! And a couple of little Squash! And some Green Beans! And Little Peppers! New flowers are coming in on the Strawberries!

YaY! YaY! YaY!

(Oh and the tomatoes! I’ll give them their own entry)!




Yep, those are the seed pods. You can also eat the pods when they are new if you want. Let the pods get fat and dry a bit before collecting. I often just pull the whole plant after the first frosts and bring them inside to pick off the pods and sort out the seeds.

Posted on 23 Jul 09 (over 9 years ago)

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