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18 Jul 2009
Sunny 16°C / 60°F

I added 2 eggs, some rice, cheddar cheese, and a dash of vinegar and soy sauce to turn tonight’s harvest into dinner. Only thing missing was someone to share it with. Son is at dad’s and he would probably have an allergy attack just reading this journal.

4 baby French Fingerling potatoes, very very tiny
2 big bunches of green Red Fig tomatoes (I had to prune)
1 Chiogga beet, with greens
1 small Watermelon radish
3 small tips of Shinguku (edible chrysanthemum)
nasturtium leaves and blossoms

First photo: harvest

2nd photo: potatoes sliced and fried in butter; green tomatoes fried whole in butter

For the potatoes, I slipped my hand into the bed and poked around in the soil at the top and found these. They aren’t ready to harvest yet — just coming into bloom — but I’ve read somewhere that you can sneak a few out if you are careful with the plants.

I don’t think this dish looked particularly appetizing, but it tasted wonderful — the fried green tomatoes were intense, tangy and sweet. I ate the little potatoes first, as the tomatoes would have just drowned them out.

3rd photo: salad plate – 2 eggs boild and quartered, beet sliced and boiled, radish grated in center, nasturtium leaves under everything (just for show, not to eat), nasturtium blossoms, grated sharp cheddar

The beet would have had better color if I had steamed or roasted it whole. I wanted to try it raw, and then when I had sampled it, I decided I wanted it cooked after all. Raw beet is a bit earthy for me, but I love tender cooked, just-done beets.

4th photo: rice with stir-fried beet greens and shinguku and the rest of the radish, sliced

The beets greens were very sweet and tender, like a really good fresh young spinach. I did take the stems off to cook them.

For the record, I’m not a vegetarian. But I’m hoarding the local, naturally grown, pasture raised meat in my freezer, trying to make it last until school starts and I can start working for real money again. I’m defrosting and cooking one chicken or roast a week. I have think I have three roasting chickens and one stewing chicken left, a sirloin roast, some lamb chops, a pound of breakfast sausage, and small package of ham hocks. So more eggs, cheese, beans, peanut butter and a lot less meat.

And nuts. I meant to figure out a way to add a few hazel nuts. THAT’s what the salad plate was missing, a little crunch. Lettuce would have been good too, but it’s too small to harvest.






Folia Helper


The spuds would have been nice freshly harvested and at a young age. No onions? I see the green / red figs haven’t gone to waste either (Those are missing from your list – intentional?) We’ll have to try that with our red figs, seeing they are so prolific.

Posted on 19 Jul 09 (about 10 years ago)

It wasn’t intentional – I was just tired. I left out onions because I’ve had onions with almost everything this week. Including a plate of nothing but fried onion. Onions in my garden aren’t big enough to harvest yet, and this week I’ve mostly been following a practice that is currently called “eating down the pantry.” So I was very grateful to have meal made up almost entirely of my own garden food.

I’m hoping to have potatoes, beans, tomatoes, onions and lettuce all ready for harvest at the same time later this summer.

Posted on 19 Jul 09 (almost 10 years ago)

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