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Watermelon Radish hits the plate

16 Jul 2009
Sunny 27°C / 81°F

I pulled up just one of my watermelon radishes.

I know, I’m making a big fuss here for one radish. But I think it’s “some radish.”

Big photo is the radish sliced up with cheese. Next is the square foot with 9 radishes in it. Next is the radish stretched out across 2 sheets of 11-inch long paper — 22 inches from leaf tip to root tip.

Then a close up the radish on the cutting board. And finally, one of my attempts at getting a paper thin slice with a mandolin slicer (I ate the only good one before I realized that it was too beautiful to eat without photographing first).

It did have sort of icky hollow spots going into on two sides—see where there is a heavier root growing right out of the side? I don’t know what caused that, but I recently learned that cucumber beetles lay eggs around the root and their larva live in the soil and cause root damage. I definitely have a few beetle holes in the leaves, so that is a possibility.

Flavor was mild, a little sweet and little spicy. It wasn’t woody or tough at all, except for the skin, which I pared away a little before slicing. I sprinkled it with a little salt and a little rice wine vinegar, which was just about right as a dressing…perhaps a bit too much and too sweet.

It was very good with cheese. Next time, I think I’ll try it on a baguette with butter, like French breakfast radishes.

Trying searching Google images or Flickr for “watermelon radish” and “beauty heart.” There are some spectacular recipes and photos out there.

For instance:”; (I want one of these gizmos — I wonder if an apple corer/slicer would do something similar?)




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