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15 Jul 2009
Sunny 28°C / 82°F

Weeds make me cranky. I didn’t do all the prevention work I meant to do earlier this year, and now I am chopping them down with a hoe. I meant to put down cardboard, mulch the paths with wood chips, and plant buckwheat in unused sections of the garden.

I went and watered last night. Poked around a bit among the watermelon radishes and found one about the size of a golf ball, but left it in the ground. I think I will thin them out and leave the remaining ones more room to grow. I did some research on them and learned that they are also called “Beauty Heart,” a translation of their Chinese name. If you google “Beauty Heart” there is a lot of information and recipes, and some lyrical stories about its reputation in China.

So I am going to decide exactly what I want to do with this radish before I pull it.

Then I chopped down a bunch of weeds with my hoe. I was going mostly for anything with flowers or a seedhead. They will have resurrected themselves by this morning, I’m afraid. A fairly large number of them were sowthistle and unfortunately, I was clogs and bare feet.

And I was bitten by two mosquitoes. So by the time I got home my ankles felt like they were on fire, and I had to jump in the shower and wash thoroughly. The fire-like sensation subsided but my ankles are still all itchy today.

I really need to get out there again. But this time I will at least wear socks over my ankles, if not full shoes and socks. I want to just cover the chopped down weeds with cardboard and mulch, and think I may need to put down newspaper over the areas where I want to put buckwheat.

On the plus side, one of my weeds looks distinctly like some sort of Garden Plant. It has very big leaves, and I think it might be a sunflower. Some of my other weeds are, according to our resident Master Gardeners, lambs quarters (see , pineapple weed (, sow thistle, and purple loosestrife, which is pretty but invasive.

Of these, lambs quarters, pineapple weed, and sow thistle are all considered edible in some form, and I just learned that pineapple weed rubbed on the skin may act as an insect repellant (something I might try tonight!)*




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