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Zucchini problems - oh noes!

10 Jul 2009
Overcast 19°C / 66°F

Looks like my zucchini are having exactly the same issue as akger1975’s – both of the fruits on one plant have decided to just shrivel away at the end. We’ve had quite a bit of weird weather (buckets of rain, then sunshine) so I’m hoping it’s just the irregular watering patterns causing this.

Found this good page from the RHS that gives a couple of reasons for Courgette failure:

Fruits swelling only at the top, often with shrivelling and rotting, indicates incomplete pollination, usually due to cold temperatures. The problem should decrease as the season progresses.

So, hopefully it’s just the weather and not the plant – I’m going to cut these two off and see if things improve.




Thanks for that link! I have similarly yellowing zucchini. And I specifically remember that I saw only the female zuch blossom and no male blossoms and wondered how this went to fruit. Now I have lots of male blossoms, but no female blossoms yet. I guess when you are young, it takes awhile to get the timing correct in the courtship dance ;)

Posted on 14 Jul 09 (almost 7 years ago)

Thanks for this link! Looks like the problem does decrease, I’ve just harvested 2 nice zucchini. But still, my 2 plants don’t look like they are going to yield a large crop. Sigh…

Posted on 16 Jul 09 (almost 7 years ago)

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