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28 Apr 2008

I’m new here, so where do I put a brief profile of me and my garden so people can see it all at a glance?

Meanwhile, until I figure this out, visit me at my blog: Sustainable Gardening Blog.

Or my website:

Or, where I’m one of 4 highly opinionated writers.

WHERE? I’m in Takoma Park, Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C., USA.

Okay, I see that the link function here doesn’t work. Is there a trick to that?





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The links are turning up for me so that seems okay. Welcome to Folia, Susan!

To put up a profile, look up at the upper right side of the page and there should be a link that says “profile & settings”. Hit that and you’ll get a tabbed interface to enter your basic account information, to set your preferences on whether you want metric or Imperial measurements, to write your MyFolia profile, and to link your Folia account up to any account you may have on or Picasa and from which you’d like to import your garden photographs.

If you go to the “My Home” menu up top and then look below at the “Overview” tab, you’ll see a selection called “Add a Garden”. Just hit that and it will walk you through setting up your first garden. People use their “virtual gardens” differently here so it’s a bit malleable. I started with just a garden variety (har) garden: I made one for my backyard edible landscape and one for my stealth edible front yard. Folia is still in beta and still a work-in-progress, so before Folia had a Seed Stash feature, I created a garden to list the seeds I had available for trade. I’ve created a memorial garden for all the plants I’ve killed or that have just died. I’ve got one for my houseplants. Then I tried to involve members of my local chapter of CA Rare Fruit Growers in documenting which plants grow well in their particular microclimate (the SF Bay Area is riddled with microclimates). That didn’t go over so well as many of our members are technophobic, unfortunately. I still plan on expanding the listing of what works in my particular part of Berkeley. And, finally, I created a garden to track the varieties that Terry Walton mentions on his podcast “Tales from Terry’s Allotment” and on his appearances on BBC 2’s The Jeremy Vine Show. So there are some interesting things you can do with the virtual garden feature here.

If you go to the Groups menu above, you’ll get to the Groups page and on the right-hand side of the screen will appear shortcuts to the most-needed groups like Suggestions and Bugs & Issues. The developers of this site are very open to suggestions, bug reports, etc. That’s what beta-testing is all about! Another thing about being in beta is that features will be added and some will be dropped or changed. And ways of reaching certain features may change in response to users’ feedback about how easy/hard the interface is to use. So that can take a bit of getting used to, but it’s all part of building a site that I’m really excited to be using and have been telling all my gardening friends about (I have no financial ties to Folia…I’m just a pleased beta tester).

Posted on 28 Apr 08 (about 8 years ago)

thanks, girlfriend~!

Posted on 29 Apr 08 (about 8 years ago)


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You’re very welcome.

Ah! Now I see what you mean about the links. I had just noticed they were hyperlinked, not that they didn’t go where you’d meant them to. A bug to report…

If you decide to get involved with the groups here, you might check out the DC gardeners group:

Posted on 29 Apr 08 (about 8 years ago)


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Aha! The little garden gnomes at Folia have fixed the links. Hee!

Posted on 29 Apr 08 (about 8 years ago)

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Takoma Park, Maryland

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