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New veggie beds

14 Jun 2009
8°C / 46°F

Last week, my beloved and I constructed the first of the new veggie beds in the pool garden. We had the leftover sleepers from constructing the new pool retaining wall and fence for edging and purchased a trailer load of good soil from my favourite permaculture / soil place down the road.

Beloved did all the heavy lifting, as I’m still not good for picking up anything heavier than about 5kg. Still, between us, it only took about 3 hours to make the bed, including running down the hill to buy the soil in the first place.

Into the bed went – 8 pea plants, 8 bean seeds, 6 beetroot, 12 silverbeet (giant hook and rainbow chard), 8 sugar loaf cabbage, 8 green oakleaf lettuce and 8 silverbeet seeds.

Yesterday, a small hoarde of my gardening friends came to help out with removing pavers and a range of other tasks, including constructing another veggie bed. This one I’m trying out as a ‘wicked’ bed, the goal of which is to water the plants in it from underneath, rather than from the surface. I’ve reused the old pond liner as the lining in here, piled the dirt in and will have to go back to install the piece of pipe which will work as the conduit for water down to the liner.

No seedlings in there as yet, as I’m tempted to try carrots for the first time ever, plus I have a range of other bean seeds that need to be tried out.




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