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13 Jun 2009
Overcast 16°C / 60°F

I added more seeds to the D row of the Providence bed…Dandelions, calendula and baby carrots.

My first planting of carrots (Touchon long) are definitely beginning to sprout, as are the radishes interplanted with them.

The watermelong radish – planted the same day – are just beginning to show their first true leaves.

Both squares of beets have some no-shows – I need to go back in and add seeds to the empty spaces.

Something else is sprouting – I think the square with cosmos in it.

I noticed a few dark green leaves poking up in the (accidentally intersown) arugula…about 2 days ago…and wondered what they were. Extra dark arugula maybe? Yesterday I said, “Oh, those must be the potatoes poking up.” Today each potato sprout, instead of a little vertical cone shape just poking up, had turned into a small cluster of several leaves. Wow.

I ate a basil thinning. I think in a few days I will be able to thin beets and arugula at the same time and make a little micromicromicro green salad.

Hey, you take what you can get.

Oh, yeah, the lemon basil has two microscopic leaves above ground too. Almost need a magnifying glass to see them.




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