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A funny radish story

26 May 2009
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First, let me say that I failed to take a picture. My camera was right there, just inside the door — I could have reached it without even going inside the house, but I didn’t. I really regret that.

While harvesting some salad greens last night, I noticed a radish growing in the lawn, near my Northeast bed. Then I noticed a tokyo bekana plant and an Osaka purple mustard next to it. The fact that these plants were 4-6 inches tall when I noticed them should tell you something about how often I look at my lawn. I must have spilled some seeds there. Then I looked at the radish more closely and started laughing.

I had left a stake on the ground, pushed up next to the bed, so close that I forgot it was there. It just looked like a part of the bed to me. The radish had grown up through a hole in the end of the stake! I picked up the stake and laughed even harder, because the radish (I assume it was a French Breakfast, because that’s what I planted in the bed) had formed a fat root through the hole in the stake — it snaked around in a kind of twisted J shape. I took the stake in the house to show my husband (walking right past the camera in the process) and we giggled about it, while we pried it out of the stake and ate it. We figured that it had such a will to live, that it would likely convey magical powers upon us. We haven’t noticed any changes yet, but I am sure they will manifest soon.




LOL!!! Now that is one determined radish!

Posted on 26 May 09 (about 10 years ago)


Folia Helper


It’s always amazing how the little guys grow all big and strong out in the middle of nowhere while we baby their brothers/sisters in the garden bed. I was out kneeling in my pine mulch beside my garden beds yesterday weeding away and looked down and thought why in the world did I just weed that nice head of lettuce. Then I looked closer and realized that the silly thing was actually growing there and had somehow managed to grow up in the pine mulch without my ever noticing it. I’ll have to remember that it may have some magical powers when I finally end up harvesting it :-).

Posted on 27 May 09 (about 10 years ago)

Dangit, I really wish you got a picture! I love root veggies gone crazy, especially carrots that grow into weird twisted shapes with multiple limbs.

Posted on 03 Jun 09 (about 10 years ago)

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