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26 May 2009
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These plants were starting to bolt so I removed them. I love this plant and will grow much more of it in the future.

I wanted to note that I eventually figured out that the damage on the leaves was from slugs. I don’t think I ever recorded that. It’s odd that these were the only plants in the garden to suffer from slug damage, but it was definitely slugs (I saw the slugs themselves and their iridescent trails). I’ve read that Chinese cabbage is quite delectable to slugs.

I wonder if in the future I should plant a tokyo bekana “fringe” around my beds, in the lawn, to serve as a slug trap crop? Or would that only attract them? I’ve been quite lucky with slugs so far, given the number of greens I grow.






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Never hurts to try planting a trap crop although I’ve always been suspicious it just attracts more of whatever you don’t want. It’s why they don’t recommend the japanese beetle traps unless you place them far away from your property, the traps call them from afar like a light house beacon.

Posted on 26 May 09 (about 10 years ago)

Hmmm…the only slugs I see are around my compost bin.

Posted on 27 May 09 (about 10 years ago)

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