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May 22 harvest

22 May 2009
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Today was the first day we left the windows open all night. As a consequence, I was woken up before the sun rose by insane birds who couldn’t even wait for it to get light before they had to start squacking. So since they say you’re supposed to harvest lettuce in the morning, I harvested a head of lettuce. It’s from a mix, so there was just the one proper head; the rest are leaf lettuces. So I took the head, because it was the most obnoxiously located of all the lettuces. Hopefully the broccoli has a little more breathing room now. I also took out all of the broccoli rabes to the west of the peas, which should mean more breathing room for broccoli and mustard. I also took out all the radishes that were either big enough or showing signs of bolting. There should be a pretty nifty salad tonight.

Photos: 1) broccoli rabe and radishes after cleaning
2) lettuce after cleaning
3) space where the broccoli rabe and lettuce used to be






Folia Helper

United States7

Your harvest looks really beautiful, especially the lettuce.

Posted on 22 May 09 (about 10 years ago)

I picked my first radish ever today, and was bringing it in to wash it and take a picture, but somehow it never made it past the kitchen sink. I think it accidentally ended up in my mouth, where I chewed it, because what’r ya gonna do. (It was delicious)

Posted on 23 May 09 (about 10 years ago)


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United States5b

@Nax: I find that happens a lot. I only manage to get radish photos because they get fairly dirty, what with being in the ground at all. Even so, there have been several radish photo fails. Once I have peas, though, it will be hopeless. There’ll just be a tally of what got munched while I was gardening.

Posted on 23 May 09 (about 10 years ago)

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