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May 20 harvest

20 May 2009
Sunny 17°C / 62°F

Today was a huge day for gardening. In addition to dinner, I harvested a bunch of things that were simply in the way.

  • I cleared out all the spinach where the tomatoes needed to go. I include only one bowl of spinach in the photo, but there were 7 almost identical bowls about that size. I gave away some. The rest is getting frozen for use over the winter. Not bad: May, and I’m already saving for a snowy day.
  • I harvested the rest of the tatsoi (photo 3; 2nd from left) to make space for peppers
  • I harvested the mispoona (photo 3; left) to make space for peppers
  • I harvested two volunteer mustards (photo 3; 3rd from left); one was in the spinach patch (tomatoes); one was with the tatsoi (peppers)
  • About 7 volunteer heads of lettuce, most of them on the skimpy side, what with being surrounded by spinach and all (photo 3; right)
  • about 10 volunteer cilantros that were mixed in with the spinach. I see huevos rancheros in my future. (photo 2; left)
  • 2 volunteer orach (photo 2; 2nd from left) to make space for peppers
  • all the radishes that had started to bolt (photo 2; right); 4 of them turned out to be worth eating for their roots. I need to pick the rest tomorrow, bolted or no, because the little pink one was texturally wonky, so I think at this point they’ll last better in the fridge if I can’t eat them. My partner thought the white one tasted the best, but I’ve now pulled about 8 of them because their tops got too big, and only two that we harvested today were worth eating. Possibly they’re better planted in the fall?






Folia Helper

United States9a

I wish I could trade you some asparagus for spinach. I am so tired of asparagus. Ah, the joys of eating seasonally.

Posted on 21 May 09 (about 10 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States5b

I suppose shipping our veggies to each other across the country would pretty much undo all the good of eating seasonally, wouldn’t it… I wouldn’t have the glut, only I didn’t expect it to work. I have never gotten spinach to so much as germinate before. And it’s not bad seeds either, since these are the seeds that didn’t work for me years ago when they were substantially fresher. So since I didn’t expect them to work, naturally I planted tons of them plus enough of everything else to actually meet my eating needs for the season. Oops.

Posted on 21 May 09 (about 10 years ago)

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