Seed Swaps

Shady box

13 May 2009
Sunny 21°C / 69°F

Last weekend I planted some cooler season crops in a slightly shady area as an experiment to see if I can get them to grow over the summer. They will only get morning to mid-day sun, so we will see. I put in a mix of radish seeds and carrots in the same patch, based on a tip I read. The radish seeds keep the soil loose for the carrot seeds which take longer to germinate, and grow so fast they are ready to come out by the time the carrots take off. I also planted some arugula and spring mix seeds in hope they will get somewhere before they bolt. But I had lettuce bolt in January this year so who knows… I also have a couple spinach plants that I started a while back from seed but I think they were too crowded to get anywhere.

So the sprouts are already popping up which means one hurdle is down, getting the cool season stuff to sprout in warmer weather. The radishes and arugula/spring mix are already on their way.




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