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Are these guys ever gonna sprout?

14 May 2009
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So I had a bunch of old nasturtium seeds, and some I collected that I’m trying to get to sprout. I soaked them and planted them in little jiffy pellets. So far nothing, after three weeks. Should I just give up?






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When I give up on something like this, I recycle the little peat things. I pull off the net wrapper and crumble the stuff into a pot or the garden. That way I have the comfort of knowing that if the seeds change their minds, they can still grow and I’m not wasting the peat. Silly, I guess, but it makes me feel better.

Posted on 15 May 09 (about 7 years ago)

My nasturtiums sprouted in 10 days when sown outside, so yeah, I think these might be goners. Some flower seeds are helped along by nicking the seeds, but if you soaked them, that should have done the trick.

Posted on 15 May 09 (about 7 years ago)

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