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True Blue skies+clematis instructions

02 May 2009
Sunny 19°C / 67°F

The last week has had the most beautiful d ays of clear blue skies. Purchased 2 Clematis. 1 from Colony Greenhouse and 1 from Costco. Marty had the following advice on Clematis.
Plant up against the foundation of the house. In the fall, before the 1st frost, put a 3 sided wooden box. 2’ tall, 2’ deep and 4’ wide. Cut vines to 2’ tall, fill box with leaves to cover vines.
Place lid on box. I am going to use plywood to make the boxes. I think I will hinge the sides and put something so the lid is locked on and attached the boxes to the house because of the high winds. I can’t wait to see how this works out.



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