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I feel like salad tonight!

02 May 2009
14°C / 57°F

We are going to have the first salad of spring tonight! I’ve been stealing some mustard and cress for salad here and there, but those have been added to store-bought greens. Today’s salad is the first of 2009 that is composed entirely of garden-grown greens. I harvested 15 different greens, plus some onion starts. Some I harvested as cut-and-come again (removing the outer leaves only so that I can harvest more later), some I thinned to make room for nearby plants, one I hacked at, and one I removed entirely because it was bolting. Here’s how they broke down:

Cut-and-come again harvest
Teton Spinach

Thinned to make room for other plants
Onion plants
Mystery beet/chard
Osaka purple mustard
Asian baby leaf mix
Red Russian kale
Detroit dark red beets
Oriole chard

Hacked at
Miner’s Lettuce (I can’t figure out how to harvest this neatly)

Wintersown Mizuna (due to bolting)
Monster of Viroflay spinach (due to not growing)

A few notes about my personalized salad mix project, based on the above harvest:

  • The chards and beets continue to grow at different rates. Contrary to my expectations, these wouldn’t work well if sown all together.
  • The arugula and teton spinach have consistently grown at the same rates. However, given the difference in the size of the seeds, I don’t think it makes sense to sow these together.
  • The ruby streaks mustard appears to grow at about the same rate as the mizuna. Sowing these together in spring would make sense AND would be very pretty. Unfortunately, both of these are slower-growing than the Red Russian kale — I had hopes of mixing these three together, but the Red Russian kale is so fast that it would probably shade out the other two.
  • I really like the way the mustard mixes I got from soleil and cmagnus have grown. They are so pretty. The mix from soleil appears to have a cabbage in it that looks a lot like my tokyo bekana cabbage — I’ll have to think about how and if the tokyo bekana, osaka purple and tatsoi might be sown together.




Sounds like your garden is doing really well.

Posted on 03 May 09 (about 10 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States5b

Looks awesome. Thanks for the detailed notes on how you harvested.

Posted on 03 May 09 (about 10 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States5b

Wow, that’s a serious salad. :)

Posted on 03 May 09 (about 10 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States7

It was delicious!

Posted on 04 May 09 (about 10 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States

Home salad is the best!

Posted on 05 May 09 (about 10 years ago)

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